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    ap.pli.ca specializes in
    Branding, Logo Designs, Package Designs, Web/Mobile Designs,
    Book Designs, Merchandise, PR Material designs and more.

    ap.pli.ca also provides
    various goods (especially stationery related)
    with typography and image applicated designs.

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    No part of this product may be reproduced in
    any form or by any electronic means
    without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Release Schedule
    Apr. 1st
    T / Fragile Stickers
    T / Size Guide Stickers
    T / 4 Vocabulary Cards Set
    I / Elementary School Note - Pilot (Capital)
    I / Business Card L Holder - Wagon
    and Envelopes.

    Apr. 26th
    T / Multi-purpose Note 212 Pages 1.0